Events list

The Elysian Duo is available for all types of events. Please browse the list below and follow the link to what best describes your event.


Dinner Parties

Corporate Functions

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christenings etc.



The venue, the dress, the flowers, the photography, all guarantee a visual spectacle, but what about the atmosphere and ambience?

Live music played beautifully can touch the heart and soul, enhancing the way you and all your guests feel on the day of your wedding.

Music can trigger personal memories for many years to come as it remains associated in your mind with the special moments of your day. Remember also that many video-photographers record the live music and overlay it throughout the finished product.

Let the Elysian Duo create these memories for you!

The Service/Ceremony

There are three pivotal moments during your church service or civil ceremony when we will perform music specially selected by you from our extensive repertoire. These are:

  • Entry of the Bride
  • Signing of the Register
  • Exit of the Bride & Groom


In addition, we will set a suitably tranquil mood before the service/ceremony as your guests are arriving, to create a feeling of anticipation and serenity.

Entry of the Bride

This is such a magical moment when all eyes are focussed on the bride.  We will help to encapsulate the emotion, pride and joy, surrounding you with a halo of sound as you make your entrance.

Signing of the Register

Whilst you are carrying out this important part of the wedding ceremony and your photographer is capturing the scene, we will play soothing music to entertain and enchant your guests.

 Exit of the Bride and Groom

This is a time for true celebration, as you make your exit as husband and wife!  We will play triumphant and jubilant music to enhance the moment.


The Drinks Reception

As your photographer claims you - and your guests enjoy drinks and refreshments, our music can capture the party atmosphere and add a sparkle to the occasion.

Weather and access-permitting, we can follow you outside to a shady spot for a time and allow the sound to drift across the grounds.  How better to enhance the mood?

 The Wedding Breakfast

The scene is set:  the table looks elegant, the flowers are beautiful, the food smells sumptuous and the candles are lit, but how about adding a classy backdrop of live music?

The sound of flute and harp creates a sparkling atmosphere of real warmth and luxury which turns an already stylish event into one that is remembered and talked about!

The Elysian Duo has a wide range of repertoire to captivate your guests whilst they enjoy their meal.  Our music is non-intrusive and subtle, whilst the visual appeal of the instruments themselves adds a touch of chic sophistication.

Please browse our repertoire list, listen to our audio samples and contact us for a copy of our demo CD.