Repertoire List

You may already have some ideas for your ‘special’ pieces, but if not, you may find it useful to bear in mind the following:

a) The bride’s entry is obviously an extremely special moment and the music can either be chosen to convey a mood of true serenity and beauty or alternatively can set a triumphant and uplifting mood at this point.

b) Usually the music during the signing of the register is very calm and reflective and as this part of the ceremony usually lasts between about 8 and 10 minutes, there is often time to play two and sometimes even three pieces during this period, depending on the precise selection.

c) In contrast, the music for the exit is normally quite lively so as to give a very joyful and celebratory conclusion to the ceremony.

Our repertoire is ever-expanding. Please browse through our current list by clicking on the link below. You can print out a copy from here if you would like.

Repertoire PDF List
Of course, there may be a piece of music that is particularly significant for you and that is not amongst our usual repertoire.  If this is so and you can provide us with the printed music, we will see if it is possible to be played on flute and harp.  Though we will try to accommodate your requests, we do ask that you respect our professional judgement over this, if in our opinion it proves unsuitable for our combination of instruments.